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How Does Cryopen Work

CryoPen treatments involve the use of a medical device called a CryoPen to perform cryotherapy, which is the application of extreme cold to treat various skin conditions. CryoPen treatments are often used for the removal of benign skin lesions, including warts, skin tags, pigment and moles.

CryoPen treatments are generally well-tolerated and considered minimally invasive. They are suitable for various skin conditions and are often preferred for their precision and ability to target specific lesions without harming the surrounding healthy tissue.

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  • Cryopen Treatment
  • Cryopen Treatment

Cryopen Benefits

Suitable for various skin types

Quick procedure

Quick recovery

Low risk of scarring

Variety of skin conditions can be treated: warts, skin tags, moles, sebhorrheic keratoses, age spots, cherry angiomas

Cryopen Pricing

1 lesion

Optional short description - Eyes, face or neck
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2 lesions

Optional short description - Recommended for maximum, long lasting results.
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Multiple lesions

Optional short description - Recommended for maximum, long lasting results.
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Cryopen Treatment Summary


15 Minutes

Results Show

7 Days

Results Last


Down Time

1-7 days


Not Required

Side Effects

Scabbing, dryness and swelling.

Cryopen FAQ’s

How long does the procedure take?

Cryotherapy using CryoPen is a relatively quick procedure. It typically takes just a few minutes, making it convenient for both patients and healthcare providers

Is there any pain?

Patients may experience a brief sensation of cold and discomfort during the procedure, but this usually subsides quickly. Afterward, there may be some mild swelling or redness at the treated site, but this typically resolves within a few days.

Is there any scarring?

CryoPen leaves minimal scarring when compared to surgical removal methods. This makes it a preferred choice for cosmetic procedures where scarring could be a concern.

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