Filler Dissolving Treatment In Highgate, 
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Removal of Dermal Filler

How Does Filler Dissolving Treatment Work

The dissolving of facial fillers usually involves an enzyme called hyaluronidase. Hyaluronidase is an enzyme that breaks down hyaluronic acid, a common component of many dermal fillers. When injected into the area with the filler, hyaluronidase catalyzes the breakdown of the hyaluronic acid molecules, causing the filler material to gradually dissolve. This process helps to reverse the effects of the filler, allowing for corrections or adjustments to be made.

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  • Filler Dissolving Treatment

Filler Dissolving Treatment Benefits

Correction of Overfilling or Uneven results

Minimising risks of long term complications

Reduced Downtime

Customized Adjustments


Filler Dissolving Pricing

One Area

A medical professional identifies the location and extent of the unwanted filler that needs to be dissolved
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Multiple Areas

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Filler Dissolving Treatment Summary


30 Minutes

Results Show

24-48 Hours

Results Last


Down Time

24 hours



Side Effects

Swelling and Brusing

Filler Dissolving FAQ’s

Will I notice immediate changes after filler removal?

Depending on the type of filler and the extent of removal, you might notice immediate changes in the treated area. The area may start to return to its pre-filler appearance. Some degree of swelling and redness is common after filler removal. This is a natural response to the injection and the body's adjustment to the changes. Swelling should subside over the next few days.

Will filler removal affect my skin?

In some cases, the skin's texture might feel slightly different immediately after filler removal, but this should normalize as the healing process progresses

Does removing dermal filler affect your own natural hyaluronic acid?

 Hyaluronidase breaks down hyaluronic acid, it primarily targets the hyaluronic acid molecules present in the injected filler, not the hyaluronic acid that is naturally present in your body's tissues. The enzyme's effects are temporary and localized to the area where it's injected for filler dissolution. The body's natural metabolism processes will eventually clear away the broken-down filler and any residual hyaluronidase

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