Microneedling In Highgate, North London

Regenerate Smooth & Toned Skin

How Does Microneedling Work

Microneedling involves a hand held device, passed over your skin creating hundreds of micro needle injuries. Your body then delivers a natural collagen boost as it sends messages to your skin to correct and repair itself. The tiny channels allow deep absorption of topical treatments applied to the skin during treatment.

Your Initial Microneedling Consultation

Before we recommend any treatment to new patients, we always offer a comprehensive consultation so you get the best possible results.

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Microneedling Helps Treat

Skin Elasticity 

Acne And Acne Scars

Fine Lines And Wrinkles

Uneven Skin Tone

Microneedling Pricing

First Treatment

Treats Skin Concerns By Stimulating Collagen Production
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Course Of Treatment

Course Of Three Recommended, Four Weeks Apart
X 3
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Course Of Treatment For Scarring

X 5
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Microneedling  Before & After Pictures

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Microneedling Treatment Summary


60 Minutes

Results Show

7-14 Days

Results Last

6-12 Months

Down Time

2-7 Days



Side Effects

Redness, Peeling and Sensitivity

Microneedling FAQ’s

Is Microneedling Painful

Microneedling treatments are not painful but it can be uncomfortable especially over the bonier areas of the face. The procedure involves a warm scratchy sensation as the pen moves around the face. A topical anaesthetic can be used to help make the treatment more tolerable.

What skin types are suitable for microneedling?

No matter what skin type you have, Microneedling will deliver results. These results will vary depending on what your treatment goals are, however all skin types will see some benefits.

Is one microneedling procedure enough?

This will vary depending on each individual patient, depending on their skin condition and skin goals. Usually a course is needed to achieve long lasting results especially if we are treating acne scars or advanced signs of ageing.

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