Tear Trough Fillers In Highgate, North London

Treating Under Eye Hollowing

How Do Tear Trough Fillers Work

Tear trough filler is hyaluronic acid, a gel-like substance, carefully placed under the eye to restore volume and improve tired eyes. We smooth the under eye hollowing to create a fresh, youthful, healthy look that brings balance to the face.

Under-eye circles are a major aesthetic concern for many people. No matter how well you sleep or how balanced your diet is, tear troughs are often genetic.

Your Initial Tear Trough Fillers Consultation

Before we recommend any treatment to new patients, we always offer a comprehensive consultation so you get the best possible results.

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  • Tear Trough Fillers

Tear Trough Helps Treat

Hollow Eyes

Lines And Wrinkles

Tired Eyes

Under Eye Darkness

Tear Trough Filler Pricing

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Carefully Placed Dermal Filler To Improve Tired Eyes And Hollowing
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Tear Trough Fillers Before & After Pictures

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Tear Trough Fillers Treatment Summary


30 Minutes

Results Show


Results Last

9-18 Months

Down Time

2-7 Days


Not Required

Side Effects

Possible Localised Bruising and swelling

Tear Trough Fillers FAQ’s

Are Tear Trough Fillers Painful

The small injections can cause some discomfort but the pain is minimal. We use a cannula for your safety and comfort which involves a small need and then pressure as we treat the under eye area. Most patients report that it felt a lot less painful than they expected.

Who is suitable for Tear Trough Fillers?

On the correct patient tear trough treatments can create transformative results. It’s important you establish the cause of your concerns as any pigmentation or vascular issues can not be treated with dermal fillers. If it is lack or loss of volume then this treatment is perfect for you!

Why is it called tear trough?

The tear trough derives its name from the path that a tear travels from the tear duct down to the side of the nose. Through ageing the tissues thin and sag adn hollowing occurs in this area.

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